2014 Is A Time For Breakthrough

Since the finish of 2013 I have been declaring that 2014 is the time for BREAKTHROUGH. The very first weekend of 2014 we hosted Dr. Cindy Trimm at Cornerstone for our Breakthrough Summit. In March we hosted Apostle Neil Isaacs for our Wealth Building Conference. In April we hosted Kimberly Daniels. All of these sessions featured the concept of BREAKTHROUGH.

I am currently traveling in Tanzania and Zambia. In every session of each conference I have been declaring BREAKTHROUGH. This is that time. By definition it means that restrictions are being broken off of us. Limitations are being removed. We are being empowered to do what we could not do before. Where there once was only failure, we are now achieving success. We are advancing beyond the enemy’s lines of defense. We are experiencing the formation of open doors that are filled with opportunity.

BREAKTHROUGH also refers to our ability to handle adversity well enough, and to exercise stamina long enough, to be able to break through the clouds of our present environment. I heard John Maxwell share this on his daily “Minute With Maxwell” video. He said it’s like breaking through the clouds as you are rising in altitude in a jet airliner. You break through the clouds to see the sun in its brilliance. The sun was always present; but you could not see it because of the clouds in your personal environment. BREAKTHROUGH is the experience of breaking through your present conditions into the brilliant plans that God has prepared for your life.

BREAKTHROUGH is here right now! Tap into it NOW!

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