About SSMI

The Sharpening Stone Group is a fellowship of kingdom-minded leaders connected for the purpose of relationship development and strategic alliances with leaders of leaders that will initiate and facilitate conversion to the kingdom of God.

It is an interdenominational ministry with IRS 501(c)3 recognition under the heading of Sharpening Stone Ministries International.

The Bible presents multiple strategic alliances that extended the kingdom of God in the earth and impacted history.

David and his mighty men, Jesus and the twelve disciples, along with Paul and his various ministry teams are examples of such alliances. We are in desperate need of these valuable strategic alliances today.

The collaboration of leaders coming together in strategic alliance is much more influential and significant than one leader standing alone.

Therefore, The Sharpening Stone Group exists to gather and associate with leaders of leaders for the purpose of “reclining at the table” for fellowship, coaching, consultation, and strategic alliances that cross ethnic, gender, generational, economic, network, and denominational lines.

These alliances will initiate and facilitate conversion to the kingdom of God.

The Sharpening Stone Group is a ministry resource for leaders of leaders who desire intense ministry coaching and leadership training.

The Sharpening Stone Group is also a resource in which mature apostolic and prophetic fathers and mothers are able to connect with like-minded five-fold gifts in order to fulfill the heart’s cry of their calling.