Another Wealth Building Testimony

Here is another tremendous testimony from one of the people that participated in last week’s Wealth Building Conference.  Let your heart be encouraged to obey the Word of the Lord . . .

Attending the 2014 Wealth Building Conference proved to be such a blessing in more ways than one.  I knew I needed a totally different mindset concerning “wealth building”.   Also, that mentality of having “enough” or on occasion a little more than enough was accepted as normal in my life, but I felt it had to be broken.

Through the teachings and testimonies from Apostle Neil Isaacs my faith is increasing, and I am taking the limits off of God. It’s essential if I am to be a part of the expansion of the kingdom.

We were challenged to sow seeds during the conference.  I had written out a check for an amount suggested ($300.00) but did not give it during that particular offering because I was engaged in something else at that time.  The next day before the offering the speaker began releasing a number of things, and one was creativity.  This touched my heart deeply (in addition to other things) because that is what I would pray for; and I felt I had become slothful in creative ideas previously given to me by God.  I seemingly could not put the check in the basket fast enough.  Once I got in my car, all of a sudden the thought came, “Do you realize what you gave?  Maybe you should not have given that amount.”  As quick as it came, the thought left, and I calmed down.  When I arrived home, there was a check there for ME in the amount of $1,000.00 (3 times + the amount I had sown).  ONLY GOD!!!!  I knew without a doubt it was through obedience.  The sowing of that seed was for the purpose of “growth in the kingdom of God”.  Hallelujah!!!

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