About Greg Howse

Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Christian Center

Greg Howse is the senior leader of Cornerstone Christian Center, a multi-ethnic, cross-cultural congregation in the south suburbs of Chicago.  He has been leading this local church since 1982. 

Cornerstone’s constituency is African-American, Caucasian, and Hispanic/Latino.  He was commissioned to function as an apostle in July, 2001.

Greg comes from a family of preachers.   He graduated from U.C.L.A. in 1975 with a B.A. in Political Science. 

His apostolic ministry assignment is the facilitation of leadership development among ministry gifts and local churches. 

He has a sense of responsibility for encouraging the building and development of local church governmental ministry.

Founder of Sharpening Stone Ministries

Greg is the founder and president of Sharpening Stone Ministries International.  SSMI is designed to equip leaders for advancement in spiritual strength and ability.  The Sharpening Stone Group is a network of leaders led by a team of seasoned leaders.  This team has seen the tremendous need in leaders from many different streams to be coached and instructed in the shaping of leaders and local churches with an apostolic and prophetic emphasis.


gh-full-length-resizeGreg and his wife, Karen, were married in 1978.  They have a daughter, Christine, with her husband, George; a son, Jonathan.

They have two granddaughters, Alexis Christine and Hannah Christine and one grandson, Caleb George.  Jonathan is Down Syndrome, which has added to Greg and Karen’s understanding of the handicaps many people face in life.

Fun Facts about Greg Howse

Title: Senior Leader

Joined Cornerstone Staff: 1982

Education: BA in Political Science from UCLA

Family: Married to Karen, with two children and three grandchildren

Favorite Authors or Books: Alan Hirsch / Any books that address the development of local church leadership and ministry

Life verse: Zechariah 3:7

Motto: Just keep moving

Music Artists: Usually anything with horns, or with a driving beat / Chicago / Tower of Power horns / and keyboard artists such as Billy Joel and Elton John / and Motown music / The Beatles / Israel Houghton / Hillsong / and contemporary worship music

Place to pray: Living Room

Recreational Activities/Hobbies: Movies

Restaurant: Any good Chicago steak house / Pasta with marinara sauce

Season: The transition from spring to summer, and the transition from summer to fall

Snack Food: Popcorn / Salt & Vinegar chips

Sport team: Any team from UCLA

Time of day: Morning