Breaking the Barriers to Wealth Building

Last night I had the privilege of hearing Apostle Neil Isaacs preach at Christian Faith Assembly in Flossmoor, IL.  This leader has some tremendous insight into the concept and structure of wealth building.  I am very expectant about what will be released in this week’s Wealth Building Conference.

In Habakkuk 2:1, Habakkuk says, “I will watch to SEE what He will SAY to me.”  The Lord is speaking, and we must be able to SEE what He is saying.  This type of seeing will empower us to break the limiting barriers the adversary has set for us.

Apostle Isaacs was sharing how we have made many gains in the realm of the Spirit.  We move with a strong apostolic and evangelistic anointing to clear a community of all wicked activity.  We establish peace.  The community becomes good land, prepared for good business development.  It is at that point that we, the Church, have dropped the ball.  At the opportune time we leave the community open for others (usually the ungodly) to begin businesses.  This is a barrier that has been imposed upon the Church by our enemy.  This barrier must be broken.

Joshua defeated Jericho; but he didn’t stop there.  He went on to take the land that the Lord had promised.

This is our time.  The opportunities are here among us.  We must refuse to be blocked and limited.  Let us continue to make spiritual gains.  But, let us also move on every opportunity to press all the way through to kingdom dominion.

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