As I was meditating about entering 2016, I saw the word, DECISIVE as something that would be very crucial for my life and leadership, and I think it is true for you as well.  The Lord is calling us to be DECISIVE in 2016 and beyond.


When you are DECISIVE the following factors begin to move in your life …..

You have the power or quality of deciding something

You are making a decision with confidence, and then sticking with it; quickly and firmly

You are not waffling back and forth

You are settling a matter

You are determining what the end result will be

You are putting an end to controversy

You are not hesitating

You are being resolute ….. determined

You are commanding your day, your week, your month, and your season

You are confirming that something is clear and obvious

You are recognizing that something is crucial or most important


Let’s be DECISIVE as we move through 2016!

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