Diligence in Wealth Building

DILIGENCE is the quality of moving through a situation, assignment, or project, all the way to the finish.  It is the ability to take responsibility, persevere, and finish what one has started.  Diligence is a necessary component of wealth building.  We see many people who are starting things; but there are far less who are actually finishing what they set out to accomplish.

Apostle Neil Isaacs has set a model of diligence in Queenstown, South Africa.  He set out to make a difference in his city.  He saw what the Lord was speaking to him.  He obeyed the Word of the Lord.  He made valuable connections with influential people in his community.  He made plans, and he executed those plans.  He pressed through problems and challenges.  He persevered.  Today there is a $50 million indoor shopping mall in full operation in Queenstown.  The mall is a focal point for commerce in that city.  Over 1,000 new jobs have been provided by this operation.  City of David Church is now the largest land owner in the city.  This is evidence of diligence.

In the opening chapters of Deuteronomy Moses took Israel on a historical review of how the Lord had dealt with them from the time of the Exodus, through 40 years of wilderness wandering, to the time where they were standing on the eastern border of the promised land.  Time after time Moses tells Israel to “cross over,” “go in,” and “possess” the land.  He tells them that the Lord will drive their enemies out of the land, and they will dispossess those enemies from the land.  Everything confronting Israel in this process was “greater and mightier” than them.  But, Israel had the Lord God Almighty, and His promise.

Deuteronomy 7:13 provides three major guarantees for His covenant people.  The Lord will LOVE YOU.  The Lord will BLESS YOU.  The Lord will MULTIPLY YOU.  These are the promises we walk in as we follow the Lord in our lives.

Deuteronomy 8 shifts Israel’s view to what shall be when they inherit the land.  Moses describes how they will move into the land, and how they will prosper.  They will cultivate the land, and it will produce for them.  They will care for their flocks and herds, and these resources will multiply.  They will see their gold and silver multiplied.  Their children and grandchildren will be blessed.  All of this would be a result of their due diligence.

The 2014 Wealth Building Conference begins this evening.  We will be gaining knowledge (the what) about the process of building wealth for the purpose of kingdom expansion in the earth.  Wisdom (the how) will come to us.  And, understanding (the why) will rise in our hearts.  However, in order to push all the way through to dominion, we must exercise this quality of diligence.

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