Disciples Are Called

Matthew 4:18-22 provides the account of Jesus calling two sets of brothers to follow Him as His disciples.  The scripture specifically says that Jesus SAW these men as they were participating in their fishing business.  Jesus was looking for them.  He saw them.  And, then He called them.

When these men were called by Jesus, they were already occupied with their respective fishing businesses.  Notice that Jesus was going after people who were already engaged in some type of enterprise.  These men were not sitting around waiting for something good to come to them.  Jesus recognized their work ethic.

The call from Jesus was, “Follow Me!”  This is the call to leave the pathway we have been traveling, and get on the path Jesus is taking.  One leader recently commented that discipleship consists of “leaving all” and “bringing all.”  These fishermen were willing to leave everything that was valuable to them in order to go with Jesus.  The scripture says that Peter and Andrew IMMEDIATELY left their nets and followed Jesus.  James and John were said to have left their boat and their father to follow Jesus; and they did it IMMEDIATELY.  These men show us a willing heart combined with an initiative and diligence to IMMEDIATELY respond to the call of Jesus.

When considering potential disciples, what type of people should we be looking for?

Are we trusting God to give us eyes to see?

How do we effectively release the call of the Lord?

What kind of response reveals a willing heart, filled with initiative and diligence?

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