Feeling Overwhelmed???

I am in a Master’s program, in pursuit of a degree. I just finished a particular class that I didn’t care for too much. At the end of the class we had about two weeks to write our final paper. Well, I procrastinated, putting it off until the last few days before the paper was due. I was feeling overwhelmed, even to the point where I felt somewhat paralyzed.  I didn’t want to start writing, nor did I feel like writing. This was not good for me. Procrastination is an enemy that must be conquered. And, piled on top of the procrastination and being overwhelmed was the feeling of failure.

Here are some defining statements about the word OVERWHELM …..

To affect (someone) very strongly
To cause (someone) to have too many things to deal with
To defeat (someone or something) completely
To cover over completely : submerge
To overcome by superior force or numbers
To overpower in thought or feeling

Synonyms for the word are:
crush; defeat; deluge; destroy; engulf; overcome; overpower; overrun; rout; submerge; swamp; bury; conquer; drown; massacre; overflow; overthrow; smother; thrash; total; whip

OVERWHELM comes from an old English word meaning “to turn upside down.” It is describing a boat that has been washed over and overturned by a giant wave of water.

So, what do you do with this crushing, suffocating feeling? Angie Merrill provides a few ideas in an article she wrote for Relevant Magazine.

Maybe we need to find some balance. Balance the negative emphasis with a positive emphasis.

Refuse to dwell on the issue, and begin to DO something that breaks you out of that smothering feeling.

Stir up the power of hope. There is tremendous power in hope. And, it is contagious.

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