Is It Clear Or Foggy To You?

Our house backs up to a portion of the Cook County Forest Preserve. On clear nights I can look out our bedroom window and view the moon beams filtering through the trees of the forest.

But, a few nights ago we experienced a very thick fog. As I looked out the window that night the fog was so thick I couldn’t even see the outline of the trees. What had been very clear had now disappeared from sight.

We are living in a secular culture that resists and opposes the will of God. The best biblical term for this culture is “Babylon”. The word, Babylon, means confusion by mixture. There is a mixture of ideologies, philosophies, and moral standards that stirs great confusion in the culture. The “ancient landmarks” used to be very clear to most people.

We were clear on right and wrong. We were clear on moral issues.

We were clear on masculinity and femininity. We were clear on economic viability. We were clear on how we should treat our fellow man.

Things that used to be clear have now been obscured by the “fog” of this Babylonian culture.

The “secular” mind set wants to rid our culture of any reference to God. This opens the way for the mind set of “humanism” to enter the culture. If we have eliminated God, we must replace Him. “Humanism” says we become our own gods. When we take the place of God we are required to make God-like decisions. The problem is that we make such decisions from our fallen perspective rather than from God’s transcendent wisdom. Now we choose what is acceptable and unacceptable. We decide what is right and wrong.

We now make all the moral decisions. These decisions come from broken, unrighteous people, usually based on what is convenient and economical. We have returned to the book of Judges; “Every man did what was right in his own eyes.” This is “Babylon”; confusion by mixture.

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