It’s A Son, by Michael Posey

Witnessing the birth of my children was truly glorious. On each occasion I marveled at how glory filled the room when a new life entered the earth. An incredible joy came upon me as I watched these miracles take place. I have always felt that if anyone doubted the existence of God, they would have a change of heart if present for the birth of a child — especially their own. The birth of a new life testifies of the reality of God. As a father with a heart bursting with joy, I could not wait to share this great news with loved ones.

The second chapter of the Gospel of Luke describes the events associated with the birth of Jesus. It is interesting to me who God the Father selects as the first to hear the news of the birth of His Son. He sends an angel, His messenger, to a group of shepherds watching their sheep in the fields.

When my children were born, I couldn’t wait to tell my family and close friends. These were people that I knew would rejoice with me and Cathy. They would share in our joy and allow me to be a happy and proud father. Their immediate response was, “We can’t wait to see the baby!” As we were ending our conversation, they were joyfully telling me who they were going to call and share the news with next.

When God’s Son was born, the first people He contacted were not priests or religious leaders. He did not send the angel to the temple, but instead to common shepherds in the field. When the angel appeared with the birth announcement he said, “I bring you good news of great joy! God’s Son, a Savior, has been born in the city of David.”

The news was so good, other angels could not hold their peace, but began singing. The moment in history that all of heaven and earth was looking forward to, had arrived. Whether or not mankind recognized what was happening the rest of creation was aware, and burst into praise.

Evidently, God chose the right people with which to share His great news. The shepherds immediately said, “Let us now go to Bethlehem and see.” The record says they came with haste. Once they found this Child, they began to tell everyone. Their joy and excitement must have been contagious, because Luke writes, “All those who heard marveled.”

God, the joyful and proud Father (He would later say, that this was His beloved Son in whom He was well pleased), knew who to share the great news of the birth of His Son.

It would have seemed logical for God to send the angel to priests or rabbis or religious leaders who had studied the Scripture and knew the prophecies concerning the coming Messiah. But, as I look at Luke’s writing I can see why He chose these shepherds.

First, they responded correctly to their encounter with God’s messenger. They did not ask a lot of questions, nor get into a theological discussion. They simply listened.

Next, they were willing to leave where they were and what they were doing. So often when people get a message or invitation from God, their life is too busy to act on it immediately.

The third thing is they were willing to go to a very unassuming place — a manger. They did not let the surroundings cause them to undervalue the gift of God they encountered.

Finally, they realized an encounter with the messenger was not enough. No matter how glorious the messenger was, they needed an encounter with Jesus. Once they saw Jesus, they now had their own personal story to tell. Once they encountered Jesus, praise began to flow out of their hearts and mouths.

Let us be like these shepherds and let all people hear this good news of great joy. A Savior has been born, who is Jesus Christ the Lord. God has a Son!

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