Let’s Use These Tools

We are living in a generation that enjoys full use of the internet. The internet as most of us know it, has occupied an important place in our lives for only about twenty years. It was opened to us in about 1995 when Windows 95 was introduced. It is absolutely stunning to consider how much difference the internet has made in our lives in just twenty years. Can you begin to imagine the potential moving forward?

That is why we should be considering all forms of social media as tools that have been provided by God. Social media tools provide all kinds of ways for us to publish the gospel of the kingdom, extending the kingdom of God throughout the earth. Any one of us can use Periscope at an time of day. We have the opportunity to talk directly into the camera on our smart phones, and we have a potential world-wide audience of millions. Drop a pic and message on Instagram, and it goes around the world. Present a quick thought or scripture on Twitter, and anyone can tap into your idea. Share your thoughts and pics on Facebook, and the world has the opportunity to see into your world.

These are tools that we can utilize for the glory of the true and living God. Let’s use these tools!

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