Mandate Conference

Hear what others are saying!

“THE MANDATE has been TRUTH at it’s full bloom!  Surely, I have been in a place of “transformation!”  Arneada Beck – Prayer and Shofar Ministry

“THE MANDATE has confirmed that I do hear from God!  I am determined to add more prayer and fasting to my personal life.”  Jose Acevedo – Monte De Sion

“Such timely preaching and teaching defining the present times we live in and how the people of God can truly MAKE A DIFFERENCE!”  Bob & Carol Walsh – Missions Department

“I have been in the presence of God!  I have had deep-seated itches scratched to complete satisfaction.  I will never again attempt to hide or cover my abandonment to the Lord!”  Earcell Hines – Intercessor

“Each speaker was tuned in to the theme of the conference “Designed for Influence.”  The impact of the entire conference was a direct reflection of the “leadership!”  Jim Harrison – Faith Outreach Church

“There was deliverance and impartation in each session; priceless and absolutely necessary to the ministry God has called me to, an answer to prayer!”  Rick & Cathy Schlomer

“As leaders in ministry we often serve and pour out to others.  It was very refreshing to sit under powerful, accurate word teaching!  I was refreshed and replenished to continue furthering the Kingdom of God.  THE MANDATE shows a true heart to build the Body of Christ!”  Donna Baker – Valley Kingdom Ministries International

“The impartation, wisdom and correction I received from THE MANDATE caused me to become more focused on what I am called to do in these last days.  I recommend any one who has a call of God on their life to attend the next one!”  Diane Johnson – Family Christian Center

“Having attended THE MANDATE, I have so much more understanding of my purpose!”  Loretta Reeves – Crusaders Church

“THE MANDATE” WAS OFF THE CHAIN!  It was significant to the season of the church and its destiny.  Having healing and deliverance for senior leaders is awesome!  The speakers were articulate, anointed, and very well versed in the theme of the conference!”  David & Treza Rodgers – The House of Prayer for all Nations Ministries, Chicago

“I am one who has had the privilege of attending the Mandates from their inception. THE MANDATE conference has been one of the assets in my life that I did not fully appreciate until I did not attend for over a year and a half. During my hiatus (a break in something where there should be continuity), I discovered how deeply the Mandates had impacted my life. I frequented other churches, ministries, and conferences during my hiatus and I noticed there were many ministries who were “light-years” behind in revelatory knowledge as it pertains to worship, restoring the five-fold, and raising and equipping emerging leaders. Many ministries are currently conditioned and committed to “simply having church” rather than expanding the Kingdom of God through equipping and releasing emerging leaders. Not only have I been affirmed as an emerging leader through the Mandates but I was fed high quality and wholesome spiritual food which enabled me to grow and mature spiritually as I applied the teachings to my life.”  Linda Jernigan

“Michelle McClain communicated the same principles that have become the foundation of the Mandate in a different way and it was refreshing.  The evening services usually follow a specific format at least until after the message but on Friday that entire format was interrupted. I feel that that change from the usual opened the door to greater expectation. There was a sense that anything was possible. I truly believe that not knowing what to expect increased my expectation because anything could have happened next.  Most of the time in meetings like that there is a feel that the leaders are the facilitators of the move of God but on Friday I felt that we were all passengers going somewhere that none of us was exactly sure of. That was exciting!” Reggie Powell

“THE MANDATE provided anointing feeding for the heart of every leader.  It allowed me to step back enough to receive a fresh vision on the whole picture of God’s working.  THE MANDATE also gave me greater determination to move forward with focus on that part of the Kingdom agenda assigned to my hands.”  Tyrone Coleman – Evans Community Church