Moving Into 2013

According to the infamous Mayan calendar we should be at the end of the world right now. But, I think the Lord God Almighty has something better in mind, like a NEW BEGINNING! As we finish 2012 and move into 2013 let this time be an opportunity for new beginnings in your life.

As we move into the coming year we will have the experience of meeting new people. These new relationships will be positive, and they will release new-found favor on our lives. As we experience the rise of favor it will be up to us to accept it, and walk in it.

There will be no fear in these new relationships. The enemy will come in an attempt to ruin our confidence, but that plan will not succeed. We will hold fast to our confidence, and we will walk by faith. This walk of faith will require that we remain flexible with schedules and with people. Flexibility will be a key to producing everything we can out of these new relationships.

2013 will also be a time of caring for people. There will be plenty of opportunity to care for people who have had a meaningful place in our lives. These people may be relatives or friends or leaders. The point is to exercise plenty of mercy, and truly care for people.

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