Do We Still Bring Flavor?

In Matthew 5 there is a great word that identifies what the Church really is in the earth.  In verse 13 Jesus said, “You are the SALT of the earth; but if the SALT loses its FLAVOR, how shall it be seasoned?  It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men.”

According to Jesus, the Church (people in whom the Holy Spirit lives) is like SALT.  Salt has a preserving effect.  And, salt penetrates.  But, the way Jesus uses the term, SALT brings FLAVOR.  The Church (people in whom the Holy Spirit lives) acts like salt in this natural, physical life (earth).  We bring FLAVOR; or we make things better in this life.  We offer salvation, reconciliation, healing, restoration, and blessing.  We offer a new way of living; a way of life that enhances and lifts up, rather than pushing down and destroying.  In order to bring this kind of heavenly influence, we must get close to the object we desire to flavor.  We have to get out of the church box in order to get up close and personal with people who have not tasted of Jesus.  Salt cannot flavor a steak until it actually touches the steak.  We cannot bring flavor until we actually touch the people who need to “taste and see that the Lord is good.”  And, it doesn’t require a lot of salt to flavor our food.  It only takes a little bit.  In our case, it only takes a little bit of flavoring to change the taste in someone’s life.  It may require only one word, one prayer, one touch.

The church box is somewhat like a salt shaker.  While we are in the “shaker” we are being encouraged, edified, and equipped.  Then our loving God begins to shake us out of the salt shaker, and into the earth.  That is when we experience the anointing that flows in power.  That is when we experience the gifts of the Spirit moving through us to bless others.  That is when we actually bring FLAVOR to those who are in desperate need of God’s love.

According to Jesus, if we lose our FLAVOR, we really don’t have anything to offer human life on earth.  In fact, we will experience the systems of fallen humanity treading all over us, without respect or regard for the presence of Almighty God.

How can we enhance our flavor-providing capabilities?  If we find that we have possibly lost our flavor, how do we get such flavor restored?

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