The Atlanta Mandate

We experienced a tremendous time in Atlanta last week, May 3-5, 2012. Every session of The Mandate was very strong. Andrae Ambrose and Phil Tarver led us in worship with a powerful prophetic anointing. Every speaker was strong, anointed, on point, and releasing good revelation. On Friday night John Eckhardt preached a strong message on the power of the Gospel. He encouraged our leaders to return to simplicity. When he finished there was a tangible move of the gift of faith in the room.

Michael Posey reported that this past Sunday The Church of the Harvest had one of, if not the most explosive worship services they have ever had. The healing power of God was released among the people. Faith was high in the room. He attributes at least some of this outbreak to what was released in Atlanta last week during The Mandate. They had great testimonies of healing.

We had leaders present from several different states. We also had some Indonesian representatives with us. On Thursday night we even had the sister of James Brown with us.

On Saturday morning David Rodgers led a mobilization training session. Then we took a group of about 45 people to the streets to witness and minister to people. At the finish we had 86 contact forms ready to give to Bryan Meadows and Embassy International for their follow-up efforts. We trust the Lord of the Harvest to add people to their local church.

All in all it was a very beneficial time in Atlanta. We look forward to what is next!

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