The Mandate 2012

THE MANDATE LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE, 2012 is coming up November 14-16, with a special YOUTH MANDATE on Saturday, November 17.  You will notice The Mandate is a new and fresh conference this year. COLLIDING WITH THE CULTURE is the theme of this year’s conference. We want you and your leadership team to come and receive.

Conference lay-out

I will begin the conference on Wednesday evening with a message about raising-up kingdom heroes who will collide with the culture. On Thursday morning David Rodgers and Daryl O’Neil will be addressing the culture of ignorance in the church, and the fatherless culture. Thursday afternoon Andrae Ambrose and Phil Tarver will be addressing the culture of worship in our local churches, as well as how worship leaders can function effectively with their senior leader. Michelle McClain will be bringing strong culturally relevant message on Thursday evening. On Friday morning Linda Jernigan will be helping all of us understand how we can confront the homosexual agenda/same sex marriage issue in the culture. Carey Conner will be addressing how we as church leaders must deal with sexual temptation in our own lives and families. Friday afternoon we will be looking at some of the relational issues that hinder us from effectively serving together to impact our cities. On Friday evening we have Atmosphere of Heaven (AOH) coming in to lead us in worship. Timothy Alden will be preaching the final session on Friday evening. This leader is a fiery, passionate speaker that will challenge us to collide with the culture with kingdom authority. You will absolutely love him.

Youth Mandate

On Saturday, November 17 we will present a Youth Mandate. Cornerstone’s Ryan Boren is teaming up with Louis Wimbley of Christian Faith Assembly, and Jamal Miller of All Nations Worship Assembly to pour into the lives of our young generation. Timothy Alden will also be presenting valuable insight and anointing for our sons and daughters. There will be special musical guests involved during the day and evening sessions. Special action activities are also being planned.

Registration fee – something new this year

You will notice there is a minimal registration fee for the very first time this year. Please understand that it is not our desire to place any financial burden on anyone. However, we also want to avoid excessive financial burdens on Sharpening Stone and the Mandate Conference. Up until now we have presented The Mandate Conference with no fees; and we have also been going in the hole every time we present one of these conferences. We continuously receive great reports of how effective and impacting The Mandate Conferences are in the lives of many, many leaders. We believe there is tremendous value in The Mandate Conferences. We believe this is one of the best, most impacting conferences you can experience each year. In order to continue to offer the conference at the level of excellence our participants have come to expect, we have decided to implement a registration fee for our daytime sessions. This fee is only $40 per person before October 31, and $50 after October 31. If you are bringing your leadership team of five or more people, the fee is only $30 per person before October 31, and $40 after October 31. When compared to other conferences, I think you will agree this is a minimal fee, especially considering the quality of presentation and ministry you will receive. We will still provide lunch on Thursday and Friday. And, you will receive a free gift. The evening sessions will remain free and open to everyone.

This Mandate Conference is going to be the best ever. I guarantee you will walk away from these sessions with a high level of understanding and authority for COLLIDING WITH THE CULTURE. Please give this your utmost consideration.

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