The Mentality for Wealth Building

Last weekend at the Wealth Building Conference, we were using the term “mentality” or “mindset” to describe the development of kingdom-minded leaders for the marketplace.  We must develop a mentality for the building of wealth.  We also have the understanding that this wealth-building action is not only about business people getting rich.  It is about building wealth for the purpose of solving problems, transforming communities, and serving people in more effective ways.  If we learn to pursue purpose, money will run TO us.  If we are merely pursuing money, it will run FROM us.

Last Saturday Dan Johnson was giving instruction about developing the mindset of an entrepreneur.  Dan told us that a mindset is a mental attitude or inclination.  Spiritual warfare is involved.  The mind is the ground where the battle for enlargement and expansion takes place.  In 2 Corinthians 10 we are told to pull down the strongholds of the mind.  Any thought pattern that is wrapped in feelings or emotions, and is exalting itself against what we know to be the will of God, is a stronghold.  That stronghold must be pulled down in order for the will of God to be accomplished with freedom.

Dan taught us that an entrepreneur is a risk-bearer, living on the edge.  This type of leader is an organizer, coordinating various and diverse components.  An entrepreneur is an innovator, looking to make beneficial change.  An entrepreneur is also very much into leadership, always aiming at collaboration in every effort.

Dan gave us keen insight into our need to depend on God for everything.  Entrepreneurship can also be viewed as ENTRE – PRAY – NEW – ER – SHIP.  Prayer becomes the key of access to the new thing God is releasing.


This is the cutting edge model for leadership that God is raising to a high place of influence in this generation.

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