Wealth Building by the Tithe & First Fruits

Malachi 3 is the major scripture used in presenting the tithe as a primary force in our giving process. The tithe is the AMOUNT designed by God as the floor of our giving process, not the ceiling. The tithe is foundational. The AMOUNT is 10% of everything that comes into our hands. The tithe is the starting point of our giving process. According to Malachi 1 it is connected to our faith in God’s love, and the way by which we show our honor and respect for Him.

It is always interesting to hear tithers confess that they are blessed richly and abundantly. Then we hear the non-tithers confess that they cannot afford to tithe.

A major place where the first fruits are presented is in Proverbs 3:9,10.
9 Honor the Lord with your possessions, and with the firstfruits of all your increase; 10 so your barns will be filled with plenty, and your vats will overflow with new wine.

In our generation we often see TV preachers raising “first fruits” offerings in January of each year. This is an attempt to gain some good income to start the new year. We need to be careful that we are not being manipulated into giving through an emotional appeal. If the Lord is leading you to participate, go ahead. Otherwise, you may be responding to manipulation. And, if you are being directed to give a first fruits offering, why not give it to your own local church?

Where the tithe is the AMOUNT called for in scripture (10%), the first fruits are the NATURE of what is being called for (first). The first amount that leaves your hand is the first fruits. This action involves our HONOR for God.

My wife and I receive our regular income twice a month. Every time we receive income my wife writes all of our tithe checks for the following two weeks. She does this before paying any other bills. This action covers the NATURE of first fruits. The first amount leaving our house is going to the Lord and His work. It is also the AMOUNT, in that it is a percentage of our income that belongs to the Lord. In our case, we “tithe” way above the 10% AMOUNT.

My parents tithed and gave offerings. I was trained in this practice from a very young age. My wife and I trained our children in this practice. And now, our grandchildren are being trained in this practice of investing in the kingdom of God. I can honestly say that none of us have ever gone lacking. God has been faithful to fulfill all of His promises to us.

This giving process is foundational to building wealth. Consider it. Do it. Watch and see how the Most High God moves on your behalf.

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